What is dedicated server hosting

Dedicated web hosting is when a company hires you there server for you and just you. The hosting company specifies a specific server and you can hire it for a month or even a year. There are benefits to this type of hosting: More safe for your files 100% Uptime due to low bandwidth Fast… Read More »

Free JustCloud Information

JustCloud is one of the best cloud storage options out there whether you are an individual or a company. They offer software that you can install into your computer and it will automatically back up all of your data to the cloud. The automation in the software is excellent, you save a document on your… Read More »

About Gdrive

G drive commonly is called Google Drive where documents can easily be stored, managed, edited and much more. This is used on many platforms such as web browser, android, windows, mac and IOS. This is a great and easy place to share documents between friends and colleagues. With some of the best data plans and… Read More »

What makes a good website

1 Internet websites should Offer credible, first written content inside as much varieties as is possible First written content is actually the most crucial trait of the good Web site. Sites that provide solely backlinks in order to different websites are usually basically meta the websites that have many facts that’s beneficial to the consumer… Read More »

About Web Hosting Companies

Website hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service which allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via virtual reality. Web hosts are companies that provide space on any server owned or even leased for work with by clients, and also providing Internet online and typically in any data center. Most hosting… Read More »

What is Cloud Computing ?

Computing in the cloud generally speaking can end up being explained to be a computer system which contains, computing equipment machine or cloud of computing equipment machines generally referred  a server or even servers connected through a communication network such as the Internet, a intranet, the geographic spot network or even wide spot network. Any… Read More »

Web Hosting, Cloud Computing & Education

Hello, This is my short introduction for this soon to be great and news flowing blog. It is based around Web Hosting, Cloud Computing and Internet Education. There will be many posts about news based around certain topics including tutorials, guides, news, education and new offers by providers. I am to make this a simple… Read More »